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Is your horse having problems with:

  • ​Tying up
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Lateral bending
  • Girth discomfort
  • Tracking evenly
  • Forward impulsion
  • Lead changes
  • Cold back

Pre-event, post event, & maintenance massage will address these problems and more, making your horse feel great!

Massage Therapy is a natural remedy to help your dog’s overall well-being:
¨ Is your dog stressed or anxious?
¨ Recovering from an illness or operation?
¨ Sedentary for long periods of time?
¨ A working or competing dog?
¨ Arthritic?
¨ Injured?

Canine Massage Therapy will enhance performance, prevent injury, & make your dog feel great!

Benefits of sports massage:

¨ Enhances muscle tone
¨ Increases range of motion
¨ Balances the body by treating it as a whole
¨ Reduces inflammation & swelling in the joints
¨ Alleviates pain & promotes healing
¨ Carries away excessive fluid & toxins
¨ Creates positive effect on contractual & release process of the muscle
¨ Stimulates circulation & lymphatic system, releases endorphins

¨ Generally improves the disposition of the animal as it maintains the WHOLE body in better physical condition

Canine & ​Equine Massage Therapy