"Extremely thorough, thoughtful, and a pleasure to consult with,  Christine helped open my eyes to the health benefits of cooking for my dog, and also leads by example as she cooks for her own pets regularly.  When my dog recently tore his ACL, Christine was one of the first professionals I contacted for her 360 holistic approach on how I could use nutrition to assist in his healing process; a long time pet owner herself, Christine was extremely knowledgeable and helpful and gave me specific advice on diet and supplements to use to assist my dog on the road to recovery.  Thanks Christine for inspiring me to cook more often (for both myself, and my dog!)  and  to lead healthier, happier lives at meal time!"
-Noelle R. -  New York

Everything seems to be going great . Noticed in the last month or so they have filled back out but not in a fat way just a very healthy muscle kind of way. Only thing I've noticed is Deuce's tummy is a little sensitive to that quick diet change from one day to the next so we do kind of blend and get along very well with that. I luv it I tell everyone they should do it with there pets. My vets r even shocked at how good they both look , they've never seen bulldogs with full healthy coats of hair :) 

- Tancy W.

Charlie had been suffering from skin issues itching and licking until his skin was raw which caused infection and a rash. I went to my vet a bunch of times and every time was a failure, medication after medication and Charlie was not getting any better, in fact he was getting worse. That is when I reached out to longtime friend Christine in desperate need of help!! Charlie is now on a 100% raw diet and following Christine's home cooking for dogs recipe book. It turned out Charlie had an over load of yeast in his gut from all the toxins in commercial pet food which was causing severe inflammation and rashes. On his new raw diet Charlie has made a remarkable recovery!!! I am so thankful for Christine's knowledge and amazing cook book."
-Kristin & Charlie

Love love love this book.  Can't say enough good things about it.  Recipes are easy and my crew loves them.

- Alyssa C.  New York

Hi.  I had an appt. this afternoon for Cheyenne's and Dakota's annual exam with Dr. Geltman.  He was amazed at how healthy they are and how good they looked.  I discussed with him transitioning from dry to cooked food and how great my dogs are doing.  They are ravenous and look forward to every meal.  I showed my 3 year old Pointer, Dakota- this Spring and Summer at a variety of shows in the area and she was a real star.  Won several classes and got some points- really did well. Almost every judge (except for 1) commented on how spectacular her coat looked.  I owe it to you- thanks again.  
Best regards again,
Richard Landsman

Christine Filardi is an inspiration and a holistic genius.  She helped me get my dog Radar off Rimadyl and on to a healthy food regimen.  In addition my 9 year old Pug Mugsy was rejuvenated after two days of Christine's recipes.  I would highly recommend consulting Christine, as well as her cookbook "Home Cooking for Your Dog"
Christine is a perfect example of someone who follows Hippocrates' advice "Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food." 

- Juliette O. Long Island, NY

I can't recommend this book highly enough,  April 19, 2015

I purchased Home Cooking For Your Dog several months ago. I can't recommend this book highly enough! I have several other books on the subject but this is by far my favorite of all. It is the most informative, educational, practical and helpful book I have read on home made diets for your 4 legged companions. I love the removable bookmark food chart & serving size chart.

- Sheila G.

Feedback from Clients & for Home Cooking for Your Dog

What an inspiration! I am so glad that my friend called and asked me to join her to watch you talk, I learned so much! Answers to questions I wasn’t even sure how to ask. My dogs have flourished with just the introduction to some of the recipes. Their faces look at me prepare their meals with such excitement now! Kingston my picky eater (with supposed chicken and wheat allergies) is eating everything with no negative reaction at all! I will never go back! The love, dedication, passion and hard work that you have poured into this is amazing & I thank you! My dogs thank you!Type your paragraph here.

-Jill C. Kava

Hi Christine!  He has NOT thrown up since I spoke to you and I have made his second feeding a little later.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  And he loves everything I give, veggies, barley, quinoa, he's a pleasure to feed.  Only thing he's picky out is his treats.  Gonna try one of your recipes this week.  Thanks so much for remembering and caring enough to see how he's doing!  Its much appreciated!  Thanks again and Merry Christmas from me and my little brat!

Took your class last march in Commack High School. It gave us the courage we needed. Thru trial and error, Grace, the formally anorexic and sickly mini poodle, is now Superdog! She eats with gusto and her health is perfect. Along with home cooking, Hardy pet multi, ground egg shell, Mercola krill oil, Lactoquil and cranberry concentrate, Grace is thriving. Thanks so much. I should've emailed you sooner. You do valuable work and we so very much appreciate you.

I really think they have to take your seminar before attempting to transition to raw because they need to hear what you have to say.   Your seminar was very, very informative and makes it a lot easier to do this. 
As I said, I am on a mission to spread the word about this because our pets are family members and their health and longevity is very important.  Not to mention the money making pet food companies, vets etc. that all proliferate this unnecessary nonsense that they know is all about the $$$$$$ and not in the best interest of our pets!

-Laurie & Linda 


Lacie is doing great! No more upset bellies. I haven't done raw yet. But I do cook every week for her, usually veggies, quinoa or couscous, and a meat and I throw the Shaklee into each meal. I give her one or two marrow bones a week. And then I make very simple little biscuits for treats. She is LOVING it. She can't wait to eat.
Thanks for all the great advice!
Nicole Moynihan 

My family and I are so relieved to finally witness our dog Ranger eat her meals. For 6 years we struggled with her finicky palate until reading your book Home Cooking for Your Dog. Once we changed from store bought dog food to home cooking the result was immediate.  She sits and waits for her meals and cleans her bowl. We are in such disbelief that our dog is gobbling every bite up we laugh. What took us so long to come up with this solution. Relief and joy to us and most importantly Ranger.  
We love it!!!Ranger loves it!!!!
Thank you Christine!!!
A big Bow Wow to you...
- Fran, Scott, Gordon & Ranger, Long Island, NY