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Brutus was discovered in Westchester County, NY living outside in a backyard on a chain 24/7.  We were eventually able to rescue him and he needed serious medical care.  Luckily we were able to treat his heartworm.  However, a life of living on the end of chain has left him with severe arthritis, spondylosis, and collapsed discs.  I eventually adopted him and today he enjoys running at the beach, acupuncture, & his daily marrow bone!

Freckles -

Freckles was rescued by Noah's Arks Rescue.  He needed extreme emergency care and has had a miraculous recovery.  You can read about his story at www.Noahs-Arks.net

Animal rescue has come naturally to my family since the 1970's when my Great Aunt Marge started the Cayman Islands Humane Society.

Today I live with 5 rescued dogs & 4 rescued cats so it was only natural that I decide to donate 5% of book sales back to animal rescue.  I also want to make sure the money goes directly to the care of each animal so I donate to specific dogs & specific organizations.

Dogs we've helped so far: