30 minute phone consultation 

Transition diets gradually move your dog or cat off of commercial pet food & commercial treats.  Diets contain both raw and cooked foods.

Clients answer a thorough questionnaire about their pet's health, eating habits, and activity level.  From this, I create a customized diet specifically for your dog or cat.  At the end of the 4 week transition period, you will be feeding only home cooked and/or raw meals and treats with ease & the confidence that you are meeting all of your pet's nutritional needs.  You will receive:

  • laminated 4 week program
  • 1 hour consultation 
  • continued support 

​60 minute phone consultation 

Transition Diets & Phone Consultations 

 Phone Consultations:​ 

Phone consultaitons are available for dog and cat owners to answer basic nutritional and dietary questions.

Feline Transition Diet:

Additional K9 Transition Diet:

K9 Transition Diet:

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